Office Relocation Tips

Office Relocation Tips

Commercial moves are very different from residential ones, and they usually require a bit more planning. That’s why we’ve come up with helpful tips for your next office relocation. Follow our steps, and you’ll be set up in your new office space in no time. You will also love to check how to choose the best moving company to use.


1. Research your moving company. 

While some residential moving companies can handle commercial moves, you want a moving company with a track record of successful commercial moves. Ask if they’ve done commercial moves in the past. Do they have the resources to move dozens of computers and other office equipment? You want to make sure you’re dealing with experts because if something goes wrong during the move, your business will suffer.

2. Schedule a time for moving day.

Pick a time when you’ll run into the least amount of traffic. This applies to traffic on the roads, but also office traffic. You don’t want to deal with moving in or out when the office building is full of people roaming about. Instead, schedule a time in your new office when you’ll have more freedom to get everything set up.

3. Come up with a plan.

Without a relocation plan, things will get hectic fast. Sit down ahead of time to determine a detailed plan for moving day. Which departments need to be moved first? Where will phones and equipment be installed? What will employees do during the moving process. Deciding these details ahead of time will make the move go much quicker.

4. Have employees pack beforehand. 

Have employees pack up their desks so that everything is ready to go on moving day. Or if you hire movers to pack for your employees, give employees the option to move any items they want to themselves.

5. Finalize internet service provider and utility companies ahead of time. 

You want to make sure everything is ready to go at your new office, so take the time to set up internet and utilities a few days before the move. This way, if anything is delayed, you’ll have enough time to work it out before the office is supposed to be up and running.

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