Tips for a Residential Move

How to Prepare for a Residential Move

Cadin Movers has a lot of experience in residential moving. That’s why they prepared some tips on how to prepare for it. Here are some of the best tips on how to be ready for a big life event.


1. Start preparations early

To be organized and plan everything properly, you need to start your move in advance. Moving house is not just packing things in boxes. There are a lot of rooms, and you need to have enough time.

2. Declutter

It is very important to go through your items and see if there are some things you don’t really need in your new home. And we are sure every house has those items. Before organizing which items you are going to pack, see what you can get rid of. This way you can save a lot of time, energy and packing material, and most importantly, decrease your moving costs. You can either sell, donate or recycle those items and even make some money.

3. Pack the items you will need on your first day

Be sure to have a plastic bin or a bag of items you and your family will need on the day you move into your new home. To avoid searching through all the boxes for some small items, prepare all the first-day necessities. These include toilet items, phone chargers, kitchen utensils, paper towels, a box cutter, some basic cookware, trash bags, etc. Take your time to think about what you will need on your first day (and maybe the next day) and have those items ready.

4. Label your boxes

This one is a lifesaver, both for you and the moving company. If each of your boxes says what’s inside and which room it goes to – it will be easier for movers to put the boxes in the correct rooms and for you to unpack. Use labels and markers to make everything clear and easy to read.

As experienced and professional household moving specialists, we train our residential movers in Nairobi Kenya to plan for any household moving challenges that might occur.

So, whether you decide that you need to move down the street or across the nation, know that you can count on Cadin Movers In Nairobi Kenya. From packing services to secure storage units, we offer it all to our customers. Contact us today and get a free moving estimate for your household relocation!

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