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    We Offer World Class Moving Services in Nairobi Kenya.

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    We’re a one-stop shop, helping with all home moving needs. With care we pack, load, unpack  mount TV and install DSTV in your new home.  Read More

    Office Moving Services

    Whether you need a partial Office Move or all-inclusive Business Relocation, we deliver professional and dependable moving services Read More

    International Moves

    We boast of working relationships with removals agents in many countries around the world, making the process a whole lot easier. Read More

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    Is your business relocating and you need somewhere to temporarily house equipment ?  Read More

    Customer Centred Relocation Services In Nairobi

    Customer satisfaction is everything to us. We’re the best Movers in Nairobi Kenya and take pride in the relationships we build with our repeat customers.

    We pride ourselves on delivering the best moving services in Nairobi Kenya. When you move with us, you are more than just another name on our docket. We rely on your word of mouth advertising and growth and are adamant about making sure this is the best moving experience you have ever had.

    Our mission is to provide the best moving sevices in Nairobi Kenya without any hassle regardingHome Moving, Office Relocation, storage and warehousing, packing and unpacking.

    Why Cadin Movers

    We care about the belongings we move as much as we care about the people who own them. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied and relaxed during the moving process. Because after the move, we want you to rate us as the best movers in nairobi Kenya

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    We are Listening

    Every cleint’s moving need is different. That is why we give a careful ear to each to develop a suitable customised move experience.

    Quality Services

    We have a proven track record in providing quality  cost saving services to companies and individuals.

    24/7 Services

    Regardless the date and time, our friendly representatives are here to help you.

    Affordable Prices

    We offer you competitive prices. We believes that quality services do not need to come with a big price tag.

    Proffessional Staff

    Our team is fully trained and skilled with additional TV mounting and DSTV installation skills.

    Maintained Vehicles

    Our fleet of vehicles are well maintained to be able to handle our clients goods and minimise damages and inconviniences

    Movers in Nairobi Kenya Charges. How Do We Determine the Moving Prices ?

    The most accurate way to estimate your move is to come to your home or office and see your space and your furnishings.

    How do you come up with an accurate estimate?

    ✔Our Move Manager will visit your Home or Office and take a look at your space and your furnishings.

    ✔He will take note of oversized furnishings and high-value items that might take some time to properly pack and load.

    ✔He will also look for things like narrow hallways and stairways, which might add extra time.

    ✔He will account for your destination; whether or not you want to pack yourself or you want us to pack for you; and whether or not items will need to go into storage.

    ✔He will finally provide you with an estimate that breaks everything down; your transportation, the number of hours or days needed, the number and types of trucks necessary, the number of staff members required, and the estimated weight of your Home or Office Items.

    What to Note about the Price.

    The cost of a local move is dependent on a wide variety of factors like the size of move, equipment accessibility, services requested, number of boxes, kind of furniture, distance, type of house, hallways, wrapping materials, stairways, labour etc.

    A simple move e.g. a 1 bedroom house can cost a minimum of Ksh. 13, 000 for a distance of 25KM radius within Nairobi. The rates includes provision of wrapping materials, standard moving boxes, transportation, delivery, unloading, arranging of the items at the new premise, transit insurance and de-clutter service.

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    What Our Happy Customers Say

    Outstanding response time and service. We had an urgent need at the end of the day on Sunday and Cadin save the day for us. Not only did they respond very quickly to our need, once they arrived they provided expertise that made the job go very smoothly. We couldn’t be happier with the level of service.

    K. Johnson

    (Moved in April 2019, From Imara Daima to Kasarani)

    Excellent cannot describe the incredible moving experience we had with these two young men. On time, considerate and professional to a highest standard. Attitude – no problem there. Kind and amiable and willing to do that little extra to satisfy us. Best Movers in Nairobi Kenya.

    Mr. Sohan Joshi

    (Moved in April 2019, South B to Kileleshwa)

    Great moving company. Used them twice and had a different crew each time. Never had any problems… nothing broken. All of the employees were very professional and a pleasure to work with. Excellent prices

    The Glennin family

    (Moved in April 2019, From Muthaiga to Karen.)

    Moving Soon?

    Find out why our customers consistently rate Cadin Movers as one of the best moving companies in the business.


    How to choose best movers in Nairobi Kenya

    We have so many moving  companies in  Nairobi Kenya. And when it comes to choosing a reputable moving services company, there’s both a right way and a wrong way to go about the hiring process. The moving services industry is crowded. Just like other industries such as cleaning companiespest control, web design etc. There are lots of options out there. We have so many movers in Nairobi Kenya. It’s easy to get lost weighing up the options.

    How do you get started with finding the best moving services in Nairobi ? There are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect company for you. To help you narrow down the list of places in your area, we have come up with a series of questions you should ask yourself before picking up the phone. Sit down with a pen and paper and prepare to transform your home or office into the cleanest place possible.
    ➢ Reputation

    The reputation of a professional mover is very important. You can easily find out how a company conducts its business by reading reviews of past customers about how the movers conducted themselves or handled their clients in the past. You should carry out a thorough research both online and offline to determine the reputation of a company. You need a mover that delivers excellent moving services because they will be in charge of your household possessions for the entire moving process.

    ➢ The company’s policy

    This is a crucial factor that must be considered when picking a moving company. Professional movers play an important role in helping people and businesses move from one location to another. It is good to know the policies of the company you want to hire and determine whether you can follow them. You need to go for a company that will take the initiative to ensure that your items are safe throughout the relocation process.

    ➢ Work with a licensed moving company

    There’s nothing wrong with having your cousin and brother-in-law bring their truck around to help you move across the street or down the road. Of course, you are responsible for the health and well-being of your family and friends who help you through the move. When it comes to hiring a moving company, be sure that they are licensed and bonded as well as fully insured.

    ➢ Experience

    It is important that you hire a company that has been in business for over three years. This will give you the assurance that the mover has adequate experience in the industry and has a better understanding of your locality. They have handled several moves over the years and acquired the necessary skills to provide excellent services. A new company may not have expertise in moving items that need careful handling.

    ➢ Cost of services

    You need to determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your move company. This is crucial because different companies will offer varying costs for their services. The cost of may be influenced by factors such as the distance, time taken, and the weight and amount of your possessions. You may pay more money if you plan to move heavy items or are relocating far away. Considering these aspects will help you stick to a company that will provide affordable services.

    Relocating to a new neighborhood or town is an extremely expensive, time-consuming, and stressful process. Professional movers are supposed to make this process easier, less stressful, and smoother. However, if you choose the wrong company, then everything can go south quickly. This is why you must make your decision with lots of caution. Choose the best movers in Nairobi Kenya. Cadin Movers Ltd.

    Hiring a professional mover to assist with your relocation can result in a smooth and stress-free moving experience. If you are thinking about hiring a moving company, the following are a few reasons to hire professionals to help with your next move.

    1. Peace of Mind

    Planning a move can be overwhelming and stressful at times. Professional movers understand the best ways to navigate the roads and how to handle your belongings to keep them safe and protected. Knowing that your possessions are in safe hands will help to ease your mind on moving day.

    2. Reliability

    A professional moving company will often be the most reliable option, rather than attempting to move with the help of friends and family. Professional movers undergo rigorous training to learn the best moving techniques so that they can keep your belongings safe.

    3. Accountability

    A moving company will be held accountable for your move and will work to ensure that all of your belongings arrive at your doorstep safely. Relocating without the help of experienced movers gives you the responsibility of seeing that all of your belongings arrive safely, which can result in added stress during your move.

    4. Fast

    A moving company will be able to give you a date and time that you can expect all of your possessions to arrive at your new home. Many companies pride themselves on prompt, professional service, and by finding a good mover, you can expedite and simplify the moving process. Not to mention, they can squeeze your couch through that staircase much more quickly than you can!

    5. Efficient

    A professional moving company will be more efficient at handling bulky items such as furniture or heavy boxes during your move and will be able to more efficiently transfer all of your belongings to the truck and, later, into your new home.

    6. No Heavy Lifting

    Without proper training, heavy lifting can lead to back strain and other health-related issues. You can avoid all heavy lifting during your move by hiring a professional moving company to assist you with the process.

    7. Professional Inventory Process

    Taking inventory of all of the items in your home can be a daunting task, but a professional moving company can handle that for you. This will help to ensure that all of your belongings arrive safely to your new destination without spending hours tracking each individual box or item in your home.

    8. Safety

    Hiring a moving company often results in a much safer moving process. Experienced professionals understand how to transport items that you may not – load and unload boxes, pack a lamp properly and wrap your mattress safely. To reduce or eliminate damage to your items, they use the right materials throughout the move.

    9. Experienced Movers

    Experience counts in moving. An experienced mover will be able to address any concerns that you have and provide a safe, fast and efficient moving experience for you.

    10. No Hassle

    If you’ve considered asking friends or family to help you move, it’s important to understand the risks and hassles that go along with that. Packing your whole house with the help of a few friends will be more challenging than if you hired professional movers to pack your boxes and transport them to your new home safely. Make the right choice by choosing best movers in Nairobi Kenya. Choose Cadin Movers Ltd.

    Many people assume they will save money by moving themselves rather than hiring a professional moving company. However, when considering other potential costs, they may be surprised to learn it’s often more expensive.

    Renting a moving truck might seem like a great way to save money. But its important to remember the hidden costs of moving yourself, such as:

    ✅ Time to pack. Load and drive belongings to the new destination. Plan to take time off work to complete these time-consuming tasks.


    ✅ Time (and headache) trying to recruit friends and family. Understand there’s no guarantee everyone will show up on move day.


    ✅ Renting or buying proper moving equipment. Remember the furniture pads, ropes, stretch wrap, dollies and straps to protect belongings during packing, loading and unloading.


    ✅ Time to collect enough boxes to pack an entire home or business. Avoid used boxes. No one knows what critters are living inside or if the boxes are strong enough to carry items.


    ✅ Replacing or repairing damaged items. Consider the cost of replacing damaged items handled by acquaintances verses trained movers. Not only do professionals handle heavy and unusually shaped pieces day-in-and-day-out. There is also valuation coverage applied to every move. This coverage is required by law, protecting the client with a basic protection in case of loss or damage to their items. If a friend breaks something, you are the one to pay. However if a moving company were to damage a piece, that company would be responsible for reimbursing you at least a fraction of the cost of the item.


    ✅ Doctor’s visits after a rough move. Research proper moving techniques to be able to train friends and family members how to move heavy furniture without injury.

    It may seem like moving yourself will cut down costs but when you add up the hidden costs of completing a move. Most people will agree it’s less expensive and much more convenient to hire professional movers to take on the work and responsibility.

    Commercial moves are very different from residential ones, and they usually require a bit more planning. That’s why we’ve come up with helpful tips for your next office relocation. Follow our steps, and you’ll be set up in your new office space in no time.

    1. Research your moving company. While some residential moving companies can handle commercial moves, you want a moving company with a track record of successful commercial moves. Ask if they’ve done commercial moves in the past. Do they have the resources to move dozens of computers and other office equipment? You want to make sure you’re dealing with experts because if something goes wrong during the move, your business will suffer.

    2. Schedule a time for moving day. Pick a time when you’ll run into the least amount of traffic. This applies to traffic on the roads, but also office traffic. You don’t want to deal with moving in or out when the office building is full of people roaming about. Instead, schedule a time in your new office when you’ll have more freedom to get everything set up.

    3. Come up with a plan. Without a relocation plan, things will get hectic fast. Sit down ahead of time to determine a detailed plan for moving day. Which departments need to be moved first? Where will phones and equipment be installed? What will employees do during the moving process. Deciding these details ahead of time will make the move go much quicker.

    4. Have employees pack beforehand. Have employees pack up their desks so that everything is ready to go on moving day. Or if you hire movers to pack for your employees, give employees the option to move any items they want to themselves.

    5. Finalize internet service provider and utility companies ahead of time. You want to make sure everything is ready to go at your new office, so take the time to set up internet and utilities a few days before the move. This way, if anything is delayed, you’ll have enough time to work it out before the office is supposed to be up and running.

    Commercial moving takes careful planning, coordination, and expert experience. That’s why CadinMovers should be your choice for your next office relocation. With years of experience as best movers the Nairobi Kenya, we’ll handle all the details to get you set up in your new office. Get to move with best movers in Nairobi Kenya. Get a free quote today

    Cadin Movers have a lot of experience in residential moving. That’s why they prepared some tips on how to prepare for it. Here are some of the best tips on how to be ready for a big life event.

    Start preparations early

    To be organized and plan everything properly, you need to start your move in advance. Moving house is not just packing things in boxes. There are a lot of rooms, and you need to have enough time.


    It is very important to go through your items and see if there are some things you don’t really need in your new home. And we are sure every house has those items. Before organizing which items you are going to pack, see what you can get rid of. This way you can save a lot of time, energy and packing material, and most importantly, decrease your moving costs. You can either sell, donate or recycle those items and even make some money.

    Pack the items you will need on your first day

    Be sure to have a plastic bin or a bag of items you and your family will need on the day you move into your new home. To avoid searching through all the boxes for some small items, prepare all the first-day necessities. These include toilet items, phone chargers, kitchen utensils, paper towels, a box cutter, some basic cookware, trash bags, etc. Take your time to think about what you will need on your first day (and maybe the next day) and have those items ready.

    Label your boxes

    This one is a lifesaver, both for you and the moving company. If each of your boxes says what’s inside and which room it goes to – it will be easier for movers to put the boxes in the correct rooms and for you to unpack. Use labels and markers to make everything clear and easy to read.

    As experienced and professional household moving specialists, we train our residential movers in Nairobi Kenya to plan for any household moving challenges that might occur.

    So, whether you decide that you need to move down the street or across the nation, know that you can count on Cadin Movers In Nairobi Kenya. From packing services to secure storage units, we offer it all to our customers. Contact us today and get a free moving estimate for your household relocation!

    More Reasons to Choose Cadin Movers Kenya

    We’re professionally licensed movers in Nairobi Kenya

    We’ve jumped through every hoop possible and more to become a fully licensed moving company in Nairobi. What that means is we’re reputable. You may have heard horror stories of customer experiences with cheap, non-licensed movers. You will only receive the most professional customer service from Cadin Movers Kenya.

    We’re dependable

    We take tremendous pride in our reliability. We’ll be there on time. We’ll return your calls and emails promptly. We won’t damage or lose your possessions. We won’t leave your home looking like the aftermath of “Choma na Ngoma” party. Our trucks, equipment, and movers won’t break down when you need us most.

    We’re affordable

    Unlike local moving companies in Nairobi, we deliver exceptional value for the expert service that we provide our customers. Like you, we’re hard-working folks who value every coin. We might not be the cheapest movers around, but our pricing is fair, our estimates are accurate, and our service is second to none.

    We’re friendly

    At the end of your moving day, don’t be surprised if you invite our movers to join you for a cold adult beverage. We’ll greet you with a smile, treat you like family, and do everything possible to make sure you’re satisfied with our moving services and options.

    We’re the best movers in Nairobi Kenya

    We don’t often like to brag, but we work hard at it to be the top moving company in Nairobi. You may find decent Google, and Facebook reviews for other movers close to you, but they don’t quite measure up to us. We’re affordable, dependable, friendly, and ready to help you with your move today.